Real-Time Data Streaming to Snowflake

LIVE DEMO: Oracle to Snowflake on Azure 

TUESDAY   |   NOVEMBER 9   |   12:00 pm GMT   |   1:00 pm CET

Managing data flows from disparate sources can be challenging and time-consuming. Many choose to integrate their data into Snowflake's Data Cloud to eliminate data silos and gain a complete picture of business processes and analytics.

But, how can you go from operating within many disparate sources to a consolidated view in Snowflake—seamlessly?

That's where HVR comes in.

HVR is an all-in-one solution that quickly, efficiently, and securely consolidates high volumes of essential business data into Snowflake's Data Cloud for real-time data access and analytics.  

Don't believe us? Register today and see it in action!

During this live demo, HVR's Senior Solutions Architect will:

  • » Show you why HVR's log-based CDC is the fastest, most secure method for high volume data integration into Snowflake
  • » Share how HVR's distributed architecture provides essential performance, security, and scalability benefits
  • » Provide examples of how organizations leverage HVR and Snowflake to gain deeper analytical insight

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