Continuous Data Delivery to Kafka

TUESDAY   |   October 12   |   12:00 pm PT   |   3:00 pm ET

Demo: Oracle to Kafka

HVR provides native, high-performance data delivery to Kafka, so you can quickly and securely deploy it for all means of data sharing and tracking between systems, and to build real-time applications that respond to system events and analytics. 

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During this event, HVR’s Senior Solutions Architect will demonstrate:

- How to set up continuous, real-time data pipelines from relational databases to Kafka with non-intrusive log-based CDC

- How you can flexibly deliver data in JSON, Avro, and other formats 

- How HVR’s distributed architecture provides performance, security, and scalability benefits in complex environments

- Examples of how organizations leverage HVR and Kafka for innovative microservices

HVR is a Confluent Certified Connector for Kafka

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