Azure Data Integration

LIVE DEMO: SQL Server On-Prem to Snowflake on Azure

TUESDAY   |  September 28   |   12:00 pm PT   |   3:00 pm ET

Are you interested in integrating high volumes of data into Microsoft Azure? Or are you ready to leverage Azure technologies for real-time analytics and data-driven decisions but unsure where to start? 

Join us and discover a modern and flexible tool that can help you consolidate your data in the fastest, most secure way possible—and leverage it for real-time updates and analytics. 

During this live demo, you'll:

See how log-based CDC seamlessly integrates high volumes of data into Azure for real-time data access and analytics 

Learn how a distributed architecture increases security and simplifies cloud adoption in complex and hybrid environments

Understand how to manage data flows and ensure data accuracy 

Get real-world examples of Azure integration use cases 

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